Monday, July 12, 2010

it is only a moment

You were silent for a few brief moments, which lead into a few days, and before I could change it, months

As if the silence wasn't hard enough, you became frozen, guarded and unreachable

Feelings, emotions, hopes/dreams put on hold

No longer wondering about the future or where your feet will lead you

Not caring about who you offend or who you're hurting.

'Me needing you' put on hold,
putting every energy in trying to reach you

What was first chipped became broken,
what was broken had to become shattered

And, as promised, with time your wounds were healed
and what was once great is now remarkable

So remember, some of our darkest times are a fresh start to greater happiness

1 comment:

  1. Do you write these? They are gorgeous. You kind of scare remind me SO much of me it is kind of crazy. Just your thoughts, demeanor etc. You are just more outspoken about it all than I am, which I wish I were more outspoken. I guess when I was younger I was....see here I go rambling. Anyway, love the post!