Friday, July 23, 2010

Grandpa Gardner

Dear Grandpa,
Your aren't with us anymore. Mommy says that Heavenly Father had a special job for you, so you had to say goodbye to us and go see him. I cried when you left and mommy did too, but Daddy said I'll see you again and that it isn't goodbye forever. I may not be able to see you anymore, and there isn't anyone to pick me up and swing me around, or give me all the candy a little girl could dream, or sing me those silly old tunes, But Grandpa, even though you aren't here, i just want you to know that i can feel you, and that there are even times when i can see you in mommies eyes and in the set of her mouth. It makes me happy. im all grown up now, noone has to rock me to sleep anymore, i can do my own hair and put on my own clothes, and i dont even cry when i fall flat on my face, and believe it or not but boys dont even have coodies any more! and want to know a secret? i kinda even like them! but no matter how old i get you will always be my number one man and ill always miss you.
your little princess

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, sweet girl, for such a touching tribute to grandpa. I will hold it dear to my heart forever. I know he would love it.
    I love you....